zaterdag 7 april 2012

Haruki Murakami - Hear the wind sing

My self-challenge to read everything published by Haruki Murakami is almost at an end. All his work published in Dutch has passed before my eyes so now I am condemned to read things published in English only. Gnoe, my dear friend, kindly bestowed upon me two tiny booklets: Hear the wind sing and Pinball, 1973. Both are rumoured to be found of insufficient quality to be published. By their author, mind you... So I kind of felt a bit erhm... criminal reading the first of the two.

Hear the wind sing is the first of the Rat-stories (Pinball, 1973, A wild sheep chase and Dance dance dance are the other Rat-stories). During a two-week period in August 1970, the protagonist regularly meets his friend The Rat in the bar where they hang out together. The protagonist finds a girl lying unconsciously on the bathroom floor. She turns out to work in a record store. In the meantime, the Rat reads all kinds of classics. Both men start writing...

You can really see that Murakami has been experimenting, trying to find a form of writing that suits him, while writing Hear the wind sing. Elements like difficult and lost loves, food, music and writing are present. No shapely ears find the pages yet, nor paranormal events. But still it is easy to recognize that Hear the wind sing is a Murakami-novel.

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